About us

Feiz & Grace is a family business started from a simple question of how can we bring Love, Joy and Peace in this material lifestyle of today? The answer to me could only be found in art. I knew that because when my wife, started to attend a jewellery making class, I could literally see the kind and gentle soul of the character I have been fascinated with for a long time in those objects she patiently made with love.

Today in Feiz & Grace family, we have dozens of independent ordinary artists like my wife with extraordinary passion and love for what they do. Thus, every product we proudly sell at Feiz & Grace is a living memory of love transferred into it from the joyful heart and the super talented hands of its maker.

We support independent artists. We love Silver, Wood and Ceramics, so this is what We are concentrating on selling in our little gift shop. We hope you like the products as much as we love them. 

Every single item has been hand picked carefully for you.

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